The Barriers is a high-energy cover band featuring music from a variety of genres including folk, rock, pop, indie and country.  Founded in the Barrie area, The Barriers has played at venues throughout southern Ontario, including sports bars and pubs in Barrie, Guelph and London, and their repertoire has expanded to cover requested styles of music from various decades.

Josh Morgan – guitar, lead vocals
Kyle Charron – fiddle, vocals
Mike Francis – lead guitar, vocals
Ben Norris – drums, vocals


A brief history of The Barriers

Starting in 2007 as a guitar and fiddle duo, Josh Morgan (guitar, vocals) and Kyle Charron (fiddle) collaborated to perform for various high school events.  Before long, they asked Gavyn Holt (drums) and Brandon Kidd (bass) to join their group to fill out their sound as a band.  In 2011, Mike Francis officially joined the group on lead guitar to become the fifth member.  Due to availability the following year, Ben Norris became the band’s new drummer.  More recently they have been in demand as a 4-piece band and also as an acoustic trio for certain occasions.


The Barriers (2016)